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We appreciate your business and it is with mixed feelings that we are informing you that due to supply issues we shall stop taking new orders, as of December 1, 2023.

We have a limited number of parts and consumables for the Methanol Sensor and Control units, that are available for sale on a first come basis. Any request for consumable items, we will first attempt to fulfil from the inventory on hand, or you will be referred to a third-party vendor.

We will continue to hold parts to handle any potential warranty issues.  All warranty will expire as per the sale contract, or on December 31, 2024 at the latest.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Thank you for your patronage and support over these last 27 years.

Raven Biotech Inc. co-founders
Doug, Gary and Helen

Raven BioTech Inc

Raven Biotech Inc. is a Canadian company focusing on the design and manufacture of fermentation monitoring and control instruments.

Co-founded by researchers, Raven’s years of experience in Pichia pastoris yeast fermentation lead to the conception of the on-line stand-alone Methanol Monitoring and Control System. This proven design has aided in dramatically increasing the productivity of many recombinant proteins in methylotrophic organisms previously produced without strict control of methanol levels. Other areas of interest include the development of devices that aid researchers and industry in optimization of recombinant protein production.

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