RavenBiotech Inc.- On line methanol monitoring and control in Pichia pastoris fermentation - Workshops

In association with the Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia Biotechnology Laboratory hands-on workshops in fermentation techniques are available.

Methods of Fermentation Utilizing E. coli and Pichia pastoris

Date: June 7th to June 11th, 2010
Fee: $1500.00 CDN

This workshop provides an introduction to basic fermentation principles and techniques with a specific focus on fermentations utilizing E. Coli and Pichia pastoris. Using autoclavable bioreactors and high-throughput microbioreactors, various fermentation strategies will be investigated for both E. Coli and P. Pastoris. For Pichia pastoris, Mut+ and Muts phenotypes will be evaluated in fed batch cultures using controlled methanol feeding – a common requirement for optimization of protein production in these strains. On-line methanol monitoring and control is introduced and implemented in the stirred tank bioreactors. Laboratory work is supported by discussions of microbial kinetics, fermentation monitoring, control fundamentals and data interpretation. This hands-on workshop provides experience in set-up, inoculation, sampling and harvesting techniques and strategies for monitoring and control. The workshop stresses the practical aspects of fermentation principles required in research and pilot scale fermentations. Workshop fees include course notebook, daily lunch and a social evening.

Who Should Attend:
Individuals in research and development requiring a working knowledge of fermentor design and fermentation technology. The workshop is particularly useful to those using the Pichia system on a regular basis.

The following fermentations will be performed:
- E. Coli fed-batch fermentation
- P. Pastoris Mut+ fermentation with continuous limiting methanol feed
- P. Pastoris Muts fermentation with methanol controlled on line at 0.7% methanol

Note: All stirred tank bioreactors are fully instrumented and equipped with on line methanol monitoring and control systems.

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