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Methanol Sensor Probe

The standard probe (shown) is 12mm diameter and about 40 cm long. The probe shown at the top of the page with the front view of the Methanol Sensor has been customized to fit a standard 35mm side port. Probes are available separately and can be customized to fit any bioreactor system.

System Specifications

Methanol conc. range
Recorder output
Operating air pressure
Response time
Computer interface
Control output
0 - 2%
0 -10 volt, optional 4 - 20 milliamp
LCD 16 by 1
24 V AC/DC adapter
20.3 cm, 20.3 cm, 20.3 cm
2.5 kg
10 - 15 psig
150 to 250 seconds (90% output)
TTL or dry contact